Electrostatic Powder Coating Split Opening - Mikronix Cable

Electrostatic Powder Coating Split Opening

Electrostatic Powder Coating Split Opening

The powder is moved from the powder room by the air which is found inside the hose with the pump operating on the beginning of the injector.


Flow rate air: the pump is connected by a 4/6 pneumatic hose for compressed air. Air regulators are determined by the air flow rate and the amount of pressure dust. The powder / air mixture transmitted by the air is transferred to the nozzles (electrode) in the powder transparent cabinet and the powder grains are charged with high static power. Charged dust particles adhere to the grounded cable surface.


This process is called Corona charging in the MIKRONIX group. (Negative Electron)


The process of charging the positive charges generated by friction of the powder with air flow rate and pressure with dust particles and adhering to the grounded cable is called the TRIBO charging principle. (Positron)


Powder nozzles: It can be used preferably as 1 or 2 powder nozzles.


Control panel: Each nozzle (Electrostatically) can be adjusted separately between 0-100 kv. It adjusts the powder amount, powder speed and fluidity in the manometers and the powder chamber.

The Dust cleaning unit is a 120-liter tank, 2 pieces of 125-watt residual moisture in the dust cleaning unit are removed and this dried powder is automatically transferred to the main unit by the machine. In the cleaning part of the unit, there is a 500 micron sieve and a 300 watt vibration motor.




6 meters remote control control panel.




1830 mm


                               1400 mm


850 mm

Cable diameter

Standard 60 mm - (optional) 90 mm - 120 mm - 150 mm - 180 mm



Static power

100 kv


2 amino enzyme teflon 250 * 550 mm


3500 m3

Fans motor power

500 watt

Amino enzymes filters

Ø250 mm x 550 mm



220 Volt  50 Hz/ (optional) 115 Volt 60 Hz


200 kg ± 10

Air usage

About 300 lt per minute


Maximum 1000 watt/hour


2 (optional 4)

Machine deposit

20 lt

Assistant deposit

120 lt

Antistatic plexi split head

410 mm

connecting hose

1500 mm

Sieve vibration motor power

300 watt

Sieve resistance

2x125 watt