Spark Tester - Mikronix Cable

Spark Tester

Spark Tester

-       PLC control

-       The highest level of security

-       Controlled output voltage

-       Diameter measurement

-       Capacitance measurement

-       Eccentricity / Diameter measurement

-       Pile / Fall detection


MIKRONIX SPK 01 is a spark tester with a robust bead chain electrode. The spark tester is a solid bead chain electrode. Test voltage can be selected in the range of 1.6 to 15 Kv DC (30,35,40 Kv optional).


The unit with the encoder cable test meter enumerator receives drop ratings in hours and minutes in every emergency during the day, and the cable alerts more than 20 alarm data cables during the testing period.


Like all devices of the MIKRONIX group series, SPK 01 includes various interfaces for data transfer and adjustment via the line control computer or adaptation to the USP printer. The solid electrode and electronics of the MIKRONIX SPK 01 form a single integrated unit. Optionally, the UPS panel and printer can be fully integrated.


MIKRONIX SPK 01 3 can be used for products with a diameter of 120 mm and its speed is maximum 500 m / min. For spark testing of smaller diameter cable, please request MIKRONIX SPK Mini. MIKRONIX SPK 01 provides a test voltage in the range 0.5 to 15 Kv and operates with a test frequency of 5.5 kHz.


SPK 01 technical data:


-       product diameter 3 mm to 120 mm


-       test voltage range 1.8--25 kV 10 mA


-       test frequency 50 Hz AC, 5.5 kHz DC


-       max. Line speed up to 500 m / min.


-       contact outputs isolated contact output


-       power supply 230 V AC ± 10%, 300 VA